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30th Jun. 2021: Release DNP3 extended version of FCN.

8th Dec. 2020: Release new revision, “VDS R9.01".

Process Control PLC/RTU: STARDOM

Smart control systems are key components for smart manufacturing plants. By quickly and easily responding to business and production dynamics, they enable users to meet changing market demands. With STARDOM control systems, processes are no longer interrupted thanks to redundant configurations and reliable hardware. And end-to-end digital communication optimizes asset management by transmitting asset information together with more accurate digital process data, both vertically (from field devices to SCADA and MES systems) and horizontally (across utilities and field devices). STARDOM controllers help you maximize operational excellence?.


  • World's first offshore regasification terminal relies on Yokogawa ICSS (CENTUM CS 3000, ProSafe-RS).
  • LNG carrier scheduling, unloading, tank storage, and vaporizing are all procedure based operations.

The Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD) needed to improve its water supply system to keep up with the growing demand.
Yokogawa installed field instruments at a total of 143 locations in MCWD’s water distribution network and a SCADA system with water leakage management software at the main office to reduce non-revenue water and improve stability of water supply.

  • The STARDOM network-based control system and FA-M3 range-free controllers play an important role in smoothing out the supply of this power to the grid
  • STARDOM and FA-M3 ensure smooth supply of power to grid by wind farm equipped with large-capacity NAS batteries
  • Integration of the current Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board (BWSSB) water and sewage facilities located widely in Bengaluru over VHF and GPRS.
  • Stable Centralized SCADA Monitoring Center (CSMC) operation.

As the demand for food is increasing worldwide, fertilizers are playing an essential role in improving agricultural productivity. OCI Nitrogen (hereinafter OCI) is a leading producer of mineral fertilizers and the world's largest producer of melamine, which is used to make adhesives and resins for a wide range of applications, such as furniture panels, laminate flooring, coatings, paints, and plastics.


Granite Power is a geothermal company that has developed GRANEX®, a patented direct supercritical fluid heat transfer technology for the efficient, eco- nomic, and zero carbon emission generation of electricity from low grade geothermal sources using the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC).

  • Single 'look and feel' operator interface for the DCS and NCS
  • Fast and controllable integration cycle
  • High speed hybrid compressor control solution
  • Reduced OPEX for the compressor operation by replacing old and obsolete PLCs with a modern hybrid control platform
  • The NEP Solar team developed the control strategy and the Yokogawa engineers programmed the controller accordingly. 
  • The FAST/TOOLS software could be installed on the notebook PCs used by the development team, eliminating the need for costly dedicated servers.
  • Easy set point definition for all plant power generation operations
  • Stable electric power generation
  • Power plant optimization
  • Control of electric power generation based on net performance
  • To bring the customer a real-time monitoring and management capability, Yokogawa installed STARDOM (FCJ), flow meters, and transmitters at key points throughout the distribution network.
  • The STARDOM FCJ controllers achieved an accurate water loss management system while keeping the running costs to a minimum.
  • Reduced cabling costs by using a commodity GPRS network infrastructure
  • Additional reduction in system cost by making full use of existing components
  • Reduction in cost of software by using all web-based technology
  • Long-term service contract — no need to worry about a suspension of maintenance services
  • STARDOM and FAST/TOOLS integrated SCADA solution for Indian Oil Corporation's multiproduct oil pipeline.
  • STARDOM facilitates the total visualization of data needed for safe and reliable pipeline operations.
  • Reduced risk through distributed installation
  • In-house engineering to ensure ability to perform maintenance and modification
  • Time-efficient replacement using the five IEC61131-3 languages
  • Ease of connecting with display panels and MES
  • Uninterrupted Medical Oxygen Production with FAST/TOOLS Monitoring.
  • Audits are performed periodically, requiring traceability and the keeping of historical records for all batch production activities.
  • Reliable monitoring and control system of the world's first, 16" seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) membrane desalination plant.
  • Accurate measurements of the SWRO parameters with Yokogawa conductivity meters, pH meters, and magnetic flow meters contribute to a longer SWRO membrane life and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Yokogawa provides STARDOM and FAST/TOOLS for biomass pilot plant.
  • FAST/TOOLS is an "all in one" SCADA solution that functionsa a data historian.
  • Scalable, flexible configuration with functions distributed to multiple controllers on a facility basis
  • Redundant architecture optimally designed for requirements of entire plant
  • General-purpose communications network used for control bus
  • Integrated operation environment through web-based human-machine interface (HMI)

The Nanjing Municipal Environment Monitoring Center (NMEMC) was looking for a better system that could be adopted for use in online pollution monitoring. For the following reasons, Yokogawa STARDOM autonomous controllers with embedded Web servers were selected for this air emissions and waste water surveillance data collection and transmission system:

  • The aging DCS system was replaced with an integrated control system for all processes at the Siheung water treatment plant.
  • Powerful Modbus communication function of STARDOM enables integration with the existing HMI via the OPC gateway.

Many different types of gases are consumed in industries as varied as chemicals, food & beverages, and medical. These gases are normally delivered in liquid form by trucks and dispensed at the customer site. Although the flow volume of cryogenic liquefied gas is used for billing purposes, it is not easy to accurately measure this because the gas is always at saturation temperatures.


An automatic custody transfer system for unmanned LNG gas stations that embeds PC oriented functions such as e-mail, FTP, and the Java runtime environment in a robust hybrid controller.


STARDOM field control node (FCN) autonomous controllers allow both Modbus master and slave functions to run simultaneously.


Yokogawa ensures a reliable heat and CO2 transfer system by using the standard GPRS protocol. The exclusive use of webbased technology enables the market gardeners to go online to order heat and CO2 and view information.


Yokogawa provides controller embedded flow calculation library based on AGA (American Gas Association) reports.


To make the most of the advantages of GPRS, Yokogawa's STARDOM FCN/FCJ intelligent RTUs and FAST/TOOLS SCADA package have several functions that reduce the number of packets that must be sent. This dramatically lowers communication fees.


The discharge of improperly treated industrial chemicals and fuel gas can have a major impact on the environment, posing a serious threat to public health. Concurrent with the global growth of manufacturing operations to keep pace with market trends, many countries are taking measures to deal with environmental problems.


Gas flow data calculated by an RTU can be sent back to a transmitter using the two-way communications capability of FOUNDATION fieldbus.


Recently, several ARC Advisory Group analysts and management team members had a chance to sit down with the new Yokogawa President and COO, Mr. Takashi Nishijima, and several other top Yokogawa executives to discuss the company's burgeoning presence in the worldwide upstream and midstream oil & gas industry.

Yokogawa Technical Report
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Yokogawa Technical Report
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Yokogawa Technical Report
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Recently, there is an increasing demand for operation and monitoring of all the various controllers distributed in the field on the same screens to improve plant operation efficiency. The purpose of the Unified Gateway Station (UGS) is to connect external controllers, such as the STARDOM's FCN/FCJ autonomous controllers and other vendors' controllers, to the CENTUM VP integrated production control system and to operate and monitor those external controllers on the Human Interface Station (HIS) screens, the operation and monitoring screens for the CENTUM VP.

Yokogawa Technical Report

Due to the rising energy demand in emerging countries in recent years, the amount of oil and gas production has been increasing, thus investment in the development of new oil and gas fields and replacement of old facilities has been booming.


Laser interferometers and linear scales are used for measurement of the moved distance or positioning on the stage of precision machining equipment such as manufacturing equipment for semiconductors. The laser interferometer, in particular, features high accuracy, non-contact measurement and easy installation.


For the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry, which has witnessed healthy growth and large project investments over the last few years, Asia is right at the center of the action. Whenever any sector booms in the economy, as is the case with the liquefied natural gas (LNG) production-transport-gasification distribution network the world over, there is a concomitant growth in the demand for automation solutions.


LNG Industry, Summer 2012

Martin te Lintelo, Yokogawa, The Netherlands, discusses the need for better automation, measurement and control instruments to cope with the rising popularity of LNG.


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On April 18th 2018, YOKOGAWA has released the new unit extension module: “E2 bus interface module” for the STARDOM autonomous controller “FCN-500”. Excellent Scalability and Excellent Reliability, FCN-500 has evolved with “Excellence × 2”.


Providing an introduction to the features of STARDOM autonomous controller ‘FCN’. “Faster, Stronger, Smarter”, the FCN-500 STARDOM controller strengthens your core competencies with field proven reliability.


Yokogawa presents a demonstration of how the combination of Stardom FCN-RTU and FAST/TOOLS SCADA can be combined to provide a powerful control and data collection system where in the event of a network disconnection or computer outage - Stardom internally buffers data that would otherwise be lost and on reconnection or restoration of the SCADA Server FAST/TOOLS is able to back-fill missing data in its trend.


New CPU module for the STARDOM autonomous controller 'FCN' is unveiled. “Faster, Stronger, Smarter” controller will strengthen your competencies.

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